Dry Rot Contact

Dry rot is wood decay caused be fungi that eats parts of the wood that give it strength and rigidness.

There are 4 stages to dry rot:

  • 1 – Dry rot starts its life as a microscopic spore. Sometimes if there is enough spores it can resemble a find orange dust.
  • 2 – Should moisture reach these spores, it will grow fine white strands, called ‘hyphae’.
  • 3 – When the hyphae begin to germinate, they will form a large mass called ‘mycelium’.
  • 4 – Fruiting body is when the mass pumps new spores into the air.

If you suspect you have dry rot please contact us for a member of our team to come out and survey the area affected.

Alternatively, you can call us on:
Tel: 01236 872 291 or Mob: 07473 894 358