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We have 25 years worth of experience within the remit of the dampness and rot industry.

Dampness & Rot undertake jobs of all sizes, ranging from small to large projects; all with a bespoke touch per the clients needs.
Scotland is a great country. However, it is one of the wettest areas in the UK and as a result our properties can be affected by dampness. Rising damp or penetrating dampness can lead to parts of your property being affected by dry rot and wet rot. Woodworm can also be a by-product of dampness.
Our main coverage is Glasgow and Edinburgh but also service the rest of Scotland. We love engaging clients with dampness issues, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.
Condensation is a common problem in Scotland and this issue should not be confused with dampness. We can identify the problems above using our “DampRot.com Systems,” and implement the required treatments.

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Look out for black mould spotted formations and moisture in your internal window. Musty smells can be a sign that you have a condensation problem. Linens that feel damp to the touch when stored inside drawers can also be a sign that you have condensation. Repeated unexpected chest infections can be a sign that the air quality in your property has been affected by mould spores which could be a result of condensation.

Damp proofing certain areas of your property can save you a lot of money in the long term. Areas with dampness in your property if unseen can lead to other issues such as dry rot, wet rot or woodworm, that could be costly. If you suspect you have a dampness issue, our “DampRot.com Systems” rising damp and dampness surveying techniques will identify not only the cause of dampness but a long lasting economical solution.

Dry rot is a wood rotting fungal attack that can quite easily spread throughout your property. This includes passing through masonry which might seem like a resistant material. We find through our experience over the years that a dry rot attack can be a result of a defective gutter, downpipe or roof tile which can lead to internal issues such as dry rot. Pre-emptive routine maintenance on your property will lower the risk of dry rot.

Rising damp is caused by a capillary action which allows water to absorb in an upward fashion against the walls of your property. A damp proof course, which acts as a physical barrier on the lower section of the wall is an effective barrier against this action. However many properties particularly of a certain age will not have an effective damp proof course to stop the action of rising damp. Our “DampRot.com Systems” surveying techniques can identify rising dampness and ultimately set out a plan to manage the problem of rising damp.                                                                                                                                             

The value of your property is always paramount, particularly with the volatile property market. Waterproofing areas in your property that seem unusable, like a basement can be made water tight and retro fitted using our “DampRot.com Systems” giving your property an extra living or working space that will in turn add considerable value to your property. If live in a basement flat, water proofing may be a necessity to keep your property free from unwanted water ingress, preventing further issues such as dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Wet rot is a wood rotting fungal attack that has many different species. This type of wood rotting attack usually is localised and can suggest an escape of water around the affected area possibly from a concealed water pipe. This can also be caused by dampness entering your building via rain water ingress and also rising dampness from the foundation. This dampness can bridge onto a connecting joist of floor board allowing a wet rot fungal attack to form. Using our “DampRot.com Systems” we can identify the cause, the species and most importantly the treatment required to bring your property back to good health.

Woodworm is a wood boring insect infestation that can affect both soft and hard woods. The two main species in Scotland are common furniture beetle and wood boring weevil. These two species eat soft wood but the weevil feasts upon decayed timber which could suggest you have a concealed dry rot or wet rot attack so it is important to identify the correct species in order to implement the correct treatment. Our “DampRot.com Systems” survey techniques are designed to accurately identify the species of woodworm infestation.

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Very knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Kept me in the loop on the job.

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Govanhill, Glasgow

Couldn’t believe they came all the way to me and fixed my dampness problem.

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Arran, Isle of Arran

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