“I have uniformly shaped holes on my floor boards.”

Woodworm Insect 01
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What is woodworm?

Wood borers can attack and eat the timbers within your property. It is important to identify the species to implement the correct ‘DampRot.com Systems’ treatments.
Every week we get home reports sent to us by clients and the most common finding of the home report surveyor when a client is trying to sell their property is woodworm. A woodworm infestation can prevent the sale of your property. Our “DampRot.com Systems” woodworm survey techniques can rectify this issue and enable you to put your property on the market with confidence.

The common furniture beetle as its name suggests is the most common wood boring insect infestation within properties in Glasgow, Edinburgh and everywhere else in Scotland. This species of woodworm eats soft wood. Your floor joists, floor boards and roofing timbers are the most common areas affected by the common furniture beetle and the characteristics to look out for in identifying if you have an infestation are uniform sized holes roughly the same size as a dart would make if dropped on the floor.

The wood boring weevil is an interesting species of woodworm as the presence of an adult beetle on a window sill for example could suggest that your property has a concealed wood rot attack, as the weevil feasts upon decayed timber. from our experience in dealing with surveying properties using our ‘DampRot.com Systems’ survey techniques and dealing with the presence of the weevil we find that further investigation usually uncovers a dry rot or wet rot fungal attack behind the wall or under the floor boards so it is vital that a professional with the vast experience that we at ‘Dampness & Rot’ have to correctly identify the species and propose an effective treatment to bring your property back to a good bill of health.

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Characteristics of woodworm

Characteristic 1

Uniformly shaped holes on the surface of
timber such as floor boards and roofing

Characteristic 2

Tracks on the surface of timbers
such as floor boards and
roofing timbers.

Characteristic 3

Small brown beetles and small black thin beetles on horizontal surfaces in the property, usually window sills.

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