About Us

“We are proud to serve Glasgow, Edinburgh and anywhere in between.”

About us

We have over 25 years experience and take pride in every job we undertake.

Industry methods and materials come and go. We have developed through research and innovative surveying techniques, a damp proofing and timber treatment system. The ‘DampRot.com Systems’ identify, implement and achieve the ultimate result, giving the client peace of mind.

Dampness & Rot are structured so that our surveyors are not pressured through sales based strategies when engaging clients. Our customers receive as much time as they need when we investigate and explain both the issues raised and how the ‘DampRot.com Systems’ will rectify the issue in the most professional and economical way.

We have appeared on national television on three occasions giving advice about dampness, dry rot, wet rot, condensation and woodworm. These programmes received great feedback. A lot of viewers were able to identify the issues raised in the programme within their property and most of them identified the issues early enough to prevent a costly fix.

Our surveying methods meet industry standards. We have added to this with research and innovative surveying techniques to give us the most professional and cost effective service in the industry.

Research and Innovative Surveying
Research and Innovative Surveying techniques
Why Choose Us

Our main objective for every project, big or small, is to effectively: identify and propose a treatment within the ‘DampRot.com Systems’  with a bespoke touch, as we understand the individual needs of our clients.


First class service.


Extensive knowledge within the industry.


Awareness of the importance to an economical solution to your problem.


Great communication, from the initial contact to the completion of the job.

Are you in Glasgow or Edinburgh and do you have dampness, dry rot or woodworm in your home report?

'Dampness & Rot' are here to help with your home report if it is reported that you have Woodworm, Dampness or Rot.

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