“Black spotted mould can affect your health.”

Examples of High Environmental Moisture

Black Mould Area

What is Condensation?

Condensation or relative humidity is the effect of warm vapour or steam created within the property. Additionally, when contacting a cold surface it turns to solid liquid. After that, unmanaged condensation will transform vapour to solid liquid and become stagnant. Black spotted mould formations can be seen on the affected surface. Our ‘ Systems’ also provide surveying techniques that have provided the most compelling evidence to determine the catalyst, including relative humidity values. To that end, Our cost effective management system is then implemented.

By using our website, our clients have been able to identify similar mould growth examples. With this purpose in mind, we were happy to further assist by arranging a dampness survey in their property. Finally and once we collected all the data from our survey we were able to issue an economical ‘ Systems’ treatment. 

Condensation undoubtedly can force homeowners to consider moving property. Mould growth and excessive moisture can significantly affect your health and well being. For this reason and given that this issue can be managed, we can offer a solution.

Above all, we have gathered a wealth of information over the years in regards to dampness and mould growth. At the present time we cover properties throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Edinburgh. ‘Dampness & Rot’ have used this information coupled with our enthusiasm to confidently advise our clients. This key advice has helped our clients in managing excessive moisture and dampness.  Overall, this in turn has reduced the ability for mould to prosper. In the same fashion, we love engaging with our clients and watching our successful results give families a comfortable environment to live in.

Window Condensation

Characteristic 1

Moisture on the internal window and sill.                               

Characteristic 2

Black spotted mould formations on the internal wall fabric.

Characteristic 3

Clothing and linens have the appearance and feel of dampness and the associated smell.

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