“I awakened to moisture on my window and puddles on my window sill.”

Examples of Condensation

Black Mould Area

What is Condensation?

Condensation is the effect of warm vapour / steam that is created within the property which contacts a cold surface and turns to solid liquid. If this condition is not managed the transformed vapour to solid liquid can become stagnant and in turn grow black spotted mould formations on the affected surface. Using our ‘ Systems’ surveying techniques we will determine the catalyst which includes relative humidity values then implement our cost effective  management system.

Window Condensation

Condensation has 3 main characteristics.

Characterisitc 1

Moisture on the internal window and sill.

Characterisitc 2

Black spotted mould formations on the internal wall fabric.

Characterisitc 3

Clothing and linens have the appearance and feel of dampness and the associated smell.

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