Damp Proofing

“Everytime my friends come over I always hide the damp patch on my wall with a picture of Elvis”

Examples of Damp Proofing

Damp Proof Membrane 01
Damp Proof Membrane 02
Damp Proof Membrane 03

Why is damp proofing important?

Dampness issues don’t always appear as obvious as a damp stain on your plaster work. We often find using our ‘DampRot.com Systems’ surveying techniques that the substrate can be affected without your knowledge. An example of this would be a wood rotting fungal attack or woodworm infestation developing on concealed timbers such as joists and timber studs as a result of a dampness issue. 


Damp Proofing Characteristics

Characteristic 1

Damp stain on the internal wall plaster.

Characteristic 2

Wallpaper and paint peeling from the surface.

Characteristic 3

Cracking where materials such as skirtings and plaster board join together.

Bad Home Report?

We are here to help with your home report if they report that you have Woodworm, Dampness or Rot.

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