Our ' Systems' innovates each job with a bespoke touch.

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Our ' Systems' highlight our experienced surveying techniques together with proven methods to address these issues in one package.

Window Condensation

Do you have condensation?

Condensation is a build up of environmental moisture created from warm vapour contacting a cold surface within the property. It is commonly mistaken for dampness. Did you ever breathe on a mirror as a child? 

Do you need damp proofing?

At times a simple dampness issue can be rectified with a simple adjustment of external issues such as gutters, down pipes and roof coverings.

If the dampness issue has been a more prolonged attack and subsequently affected the internal wall fabric of your property then damp proofing is required.

Do you have dry rot?

Or ‘serpula lacrymans’ as it is historically known is a wood rotting fungal attack. You can see as depicted how destructive the supporting timber beam has become as a result of a dry rot attack. This beam was in such poor condition, a replacement beam using our ‘ Systems’ was implemented. This would incorporate structural and chemical works.

Do you have rising damp?

Commonly found on the ground floor of the property.

Rising damp has three main characteristics:

  1. As depicted a notable tide mark.
  2. White salt formations.
  3. It will not rise beyond 1.5 metres high.

Do you need waterproofing?

If you have a basement or sub-floor area and you would like to convert this into a habitable space then our ‘ Systems’ water proofing techniques are for you.

The picture shown highlights our system being utilised under a road in Edinburgh.

Do you have wet rot?

Wet rot has many different variants and by using our ‘ Systems’ surveying techniques we can identify the type of wet rot and the appropriate treatment required.

Do you have woodworm?

A wood boring insect infestation can prevent the sale of your house, if found by a home report surveyor. It can also cause structural damage.

Bad Home Report?

We are here to help with your home report if they report that you have Woodworm, Dampness or Rot.

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