“I have a basement full of puddles that I would love to make into a room”

Dampness & Rot Waterproofing Membrane

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is used for various reasons. Our clients based throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh have the luxury of an unused below ground area. It can either be attached to the property or directly below. Some of these areas are situated beneath main roads within these cities. However suffer from constant rain water ingress, creating an uninhabitable space.

After ‘Dampness & Rot’ has successfully waterproofed these otherwise useless spaces. We have learned one constant factor – the value of their property has risen considerably.

A basement can suffer the affects of water penetration from below the ground and above ground level. We are often asked if it is possible to convert the basement or cellar to use as storage. Or to even create a spare room or work space.

After a waterproofing project in a basement or cellar which had nothing more than puddles, stagnant odours and complete darkness, it’s very rewarding for a company such as ours to see the creation of a habitable living area or work space as a result of our successful and popular ‘DampRot.com Systems’ survey techniques and proposed treatments implemented by highly trained technicians.

We have helped many clients throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh. Who now have the luxury of working from home. From what was a useless dark, damp basement or cellar into a new home office.

Reasons for waterproofing.

Reason 1

Creating a workable space that you didn’t think was possible below your property.

Reason 2

Creating a livable space that you didn’t think was possible below your house

Reason 3

Add value to your property with a converted basement or cellar.

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