Wet Rot

“I have mushrooms on my walls.”

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Affected wood with wet rot.

Wet rot?

Wet rot can be caused by many fungal species and some are more common than others. The same remedial measures are however the same for each of the species.

White and brown rots have many different variants and by using our ‘DampRot.com Systems’ surveying techniques we can identify the type of rot and the appropriate treatment required.

One common species, ‘Coniophora Puteana’ can affect timber joists and floor boards that come into contact with a damp brick or stone wall and is generally seen as a localised wood rotting fungal attack. In Glasgow and Edinburgh, we all know the rain can last longer than we would like and if your property has even the smallest defect in your brickwork or your roof covering, rain water can enter without you knowing. Rain water ingress is not the only thing that can cause a wet rot fungal attack to form and prosper. Leaking water pipes are another common cause of wet rot in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our ‘DampRot.com Systems’ survey techniques will give a quick turn around from issuing the survey report to the proposed economical solutions which will allow our clients to enjoy their property with a good bill of health.

We love engaging with our clients and watching our successful results give families a comfortable environment to live in.

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Characteristics of wood rot.

Characteristic 1

Brown rot: darkening on the timber.                                                              

Characteristic 2

White rot: bleaching on the timber. Spongy feeling on the timber joists or floor boards.

Characteristic 3

Small cuboidal cracking along the grain of the timber.

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